We offer a comprehensive training program based on years of experience on the national show circuit. We attend horse shows throughout the year that cater to all levels of riding. When we are not at horse shows we take advantage of our beautiful location on Lake Hodges where horses can be horses.

Training Services Pricing

Training with Grooming: $800 per month

Includes a total of 5 professional services per week (professional rides and/or lessons), with a maximum of 3 lessons per week (2 jumping and 1 flat) scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

Use and placement of your horse in turnouts and on the covered Equisizer at least once per day.

Lunging, ring turnouts, and general preparation of your horse for you to ride.

Grooming before and after turnouts, bathing, blanketing, tacking up of horses to be ridden by the trainers, mane pulls and basic clipping.


Full Grooming: $100 per month (in addition to training with grooming)

Your horse is tacked and untacked when you ride.


Body Clipping: $150 per horse

Your horse receives a full body clip.


Lay Up Horse Care: $550 per month

7 day a week care including use of the covered equisizer and all necessary treatments (i.e. Icing, bandaging etc.).


Supplies: $50 per month (mandatory)

All provided supplies used on your horse including: fly spray, ointments, hoof care, tail care, shampoo, conditioner etc.


Extra Feed: $85 per month (recommended)

Feed will be tailored to your horse’s needs. We offer a wide range of specialty feeds including:

Integrity low starch/ low sugar feed

Beet pulp

Wheat bran

Adeptus augment for all trace minerals

We offer a wide variety of Adeptus and Mushroom Matrix products for additional supplementation for an additional fee


Mix Feed: $30 per month

Mixing and giving of owner’s own feed and supplements.


Solitude: $15 (mandatory)

An orally given fly deterrent.


Shoeing (scheduled by trainer)

Shoeing will vary in price depending on the shoes used and will be applied to your monthly bill (horses are shod every 4-6 weeks at the trainers discretion).

You are free to use your own farrier but you will be responsible for scheduling, payment, and overseeing the shoeing.




We earn a flat 10% commission or on the purchase or sale price if we are acting as agent for you in either a purchase or sale of a horse you own or are attempting to buy. If the purchase or sale price is under $5000 we earn $500 flat rate.

A 15% commission is charged if we are acting as agent for both buyer and seller- 7.5% on each side.

Lease Commissions: $1000 or 15% of lease fee, whichever is greater.

Link to Horse Training Contract


A 30-day notice of intent is required to move your horse or to alter its training status. Failure to do this will require payment for the final 30-day period. Trainer reserves the right to terminate training program giving Owner one (1) week notice. The balance of any unused training fees will be refunded at such time.