Lesson Horses

We offer a comprehensive training program based on years of experience on the national show circuit. We attend horse shows throughout the year that cater to all levels of riding. When we are not at horse shows we take advantage of our beautiful location on Lake Hodges where horses can be horses.

Find A Perfect One For You



Thomas is an 11 year old miniature horse that loves small children.  He is the perfect pony to introduce young riders to the sport because of his kind disposition.Measuring 10 hands high you never feel too far from the ground.  His favorite treat is apple peppermint cookies.


“Sly” is a 2002 13.2hh grey welsh cross pony, who is an excellent teacher for everything from walk/trot to medium pony hunters, equitation and under saddles. He has had a wonderfully successful career showing in GSDHJA and in shows all the way to the A circuit, and continues to show locally with students. Sly isn’t picky about treats, and loves potato chips.


Freddie is a mature 16hh quarter horse cross.  Sweet personality and very tolerant temperament.  Loves to teach new comers the ropes but is very suitable for more advanced riders as well. His favorite treats are apples.


Sami is a 15hh black mare who loves to jump.  She is very comfortable on the flat and a perfect size for both adults and children. She loves to be groomed and her favorite treat is peppermints.


Ivory is a beautiful 14.1 hh large pony.  She is an absolute princess and loves to be pampered.  Her favorite treats are the expensive horse treats.